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At Wellmed, our first priority is patient‘s safety and satisfaction. We listen to our patients needs, review the patients aesthetic frame to analyze aspects of beauty, such as skin, color and style using state of art technologies.

Our renowned and highly skilled Doctors develop a bespoke customized treatment plan based on patients unique needs, tissue quality and anatomic features in relations to curves, angles, contours and proportions.

Resulting in a youthful, beautiful and naturally aesthetic you.

Plastic Surgeon

Key Benefits of Body Contouring

Improve body proportion and

slimmer silhouette results

A quick surgical


Eliminate stubborn fat

deposits and unsightly bulges

Fast and Seamless


Effective in removing and

re-contouring body fat

Effortlessly obtain your

ideal body shape

Meet the Specialist


The Liposuction Expert in Dubai


Dr Adivania Pinheiro MD is a passionate teacher of Aesthetic Plastic Surgery and aesthetic laser treatments, mastered her outstanding surgical skills during her years of experience at various prestigious universities of Brazil, USA and Germany. Her patients admire the warm discreet consultation experience allowing them to be comfortable throughout the process. As a female Plastic Surgeon she is sensible to patients dissatisfaction with their appearance and ultimately guide them clinically to make the right decision and achieve youthful aesthetically perfect results.

Procedure Insights


Both men and women stubborn fat deposits that will not respond to diet and exercise are often hereditary. They are usually close to their ideal weight and BMI at 30 or below. It eliminates permanently unsightly bulges on the thighs, hips, waistline or abdomen, resistant fat deposits on calves, insides of the knees, upper arms and under the chin.

Liposuction permanently removes and re-contours the body fat from areas of the body to reshape and restore a more aesthetic balance. You should note that it is not designed for weight loss.

All areas require a compression garment post-surgery to minimize swelling and to prevent fluid accumulation (seroma) at the surgical area involved.

Our doctor’s Artistic perception and surgical skills will help you obtain the aesthetically pleasing sculpted body with the right amount of excess fat.

You can find below detailed insights such as patient recovery time,
procedure duration or risk management.

Ideal Candidate


Our ideal candidate should have good skin tone and elasticity to ensure a smooth result. To avoid complications during healing, candidates should be non-smokers.

Good muscle tone and skin elasticity is essential for the re-attachment process. If skin elasticity is poor, removing fat will create an unsatisfactory aesthetic result. This procedure rarely requires an overnight stay at a hospital, unless a large amount of fat is being removed.

Most Used Techniques

Power Assisted


Laser Assisted Liposuction


Nutational Liposuction


Water Assisted Liposuction


VASER (Ultrasound Assisted

Liposuction – UAL)

Plasma Assisted Skin Tightening

Post Liposuction

Combination Procedures


Fat transfer to Breast

Fat transfer to Buttocks

Autologous Stem Cell Therapy

Facial Sculpting

My love for Plastic Surgery arises from my heart to understand my patient’s deepest hidden desires. Using the skills of my brain, hands cultured from discipline, dedication and art of Plastic Surgery I help them to achieve their happiness and fulfillment. My passion for new technologies and techniques enables me to provide unique combinations of treatment plans for perfect results with minimum downtime. My patients are priceless to me and their happiness is my goal.


Why Wellmed?




Patient Centric Care

Licensed facility

Advanced latest FDA & CE
approved high technology
medical equipment

Ease of access

Highly dedicated
Wellmed staff

Highly qualified Board
Licensed Surgeons

Not the cheapest



In general Plastic Surgery is very safe when performed by Board Certified Licensed Doctors at licensed and accredited facilities but bargain hunting and cheap prices will inevitably affect the quality process.

Hence, we practice without cutting corners at highest quality patient centric plastic surgery.

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